Can Alcohol Cause Impotence?

There are quite a few different things that can result in impotence, including smoking and certain medications, but by far one of the most common things that can cause permanent impotence is alcohol. Yes alcohol cause impotence, and this is of course just one of the many different reasons why you should avoid drinking excessively.

To understand more about why alcohol cause impotence, here is some information that you will find very useful.

What the Experts Say

Experts from around the world say that small amounts of alcohol is not a problem and will not result in alcohol cause impotence, but over consumption is what results in alcohol cause impotence. Therefore you need to be really careful with how much you are drinking and how often, because you just may be causing your impotence problem.

Long term alcohol use is particularly bad, as the longer you drink, the more apt you are to suffer from not only impotence but various other health conditions as well. Clinical studies have shown that prolonged alcohol abuse cases irreversible damage to the nerves in the penis, and this means that it is permanent.

If you are drinking more than you should be, there are a few things that you are going to want to do. First and foremost you need to figure out why exactly you are drinking, and the amount that you are drinking.

Stress and depression are common reasons for drinking and you will need to deal with the issues that you are suffering from before you can move forward and deal with your alcoholism.

If you know that alcohol cause impotence and you are drinking too much, you are going to need to take steps immediately. The longer that you go without doing something about it, the more chances you have of becoming impotent permanently, as well as developing various other health conditions. There is really no issue more important than alcoholism when it comes to the health issue of impotence, so be aware of how much you are drinking.

You can talk to your doctor for more information on this and to get advice on how to stop drinking if you need it. If you must, there are certain courses and classes that are available, as well as therapy and counseling which can help you to deal with your problems and this way you can start working towards finding a cure for your impotence so you can get your sex life back.