Tell Me Really, Does Smoking Cause Impotence?

The question that many men have is does smoking cause impotence? We hear that smoking does cause impotence all the time, but men want to know if it is true of it is just some sort of tactic used to try and keep people from smoking.

Well, for all those people who want to know does smoking cause impotence, you will find the following information very useful.

The Details

When it comes to learning about does smoking cause impotence, just as the issue of alcohol cause impotence, yes it is true. Smoking can most certainly result in impotence, and there are a few reasons why.

Smoking is actually pointed at as being the number one culprit in increasing the risk of impotence, which is very surprising to many people. Smoking it not just a risk factor in itself because you can develop lung and heart diseases or even have a stroke, but as well many men experience sexual dysfunction as a result of it.

There are some important details to be aware of when it comes to the matter of does smoking cause impotence. For one, in order for a man to be able to achieve and maintain an erection, there must be adequate blood flow to the penis, and smoking causes people to have abnormally low blood pressure. As a result this reduces the blood flow to the penis and in turn an erection is harder to achieve.

As well, where there is excessive blood flowing out of the penis, erection is inhibited, and in a normal man when he experiences sexual stimulation the veins close off almost immediately in order to trap the blood, which is what results in the maintaining of the erection. However with a smoking man, the venous chamber is encouraged to dilate and so they are often unable to keep an erection, and this is just another reason that smoking affects men and causes impotence.

This is even more reason to quit smoking, and for all the men out there who do smoke, it will be well worth it for them to kick the habit now.

Men can find out much more information on this issue just by talking to their doctor or by taking the time to do their own research. The Internet is a great tool for this sort of researching, as there are various different websites and online companies available that focus on this sort of research.