What Causes Impotence In Men And How To Treat it

Impotence, often referred to as erectile dysfunction, is a condition that usually occurs in older men but may also strike much younger men and middle aged men. What causes impotence in men are a lot of factors which can actually be prevented or at least you can try to. There are many contributors to this condition and these contributors can actually be singled out and thoroughly diagnosed.

Diseases, Conditions And Nerve Damage

Some diseases and conditions can be what causes impotence in men. These factors actually manifest erectile dysfunction when the nerves and arteries leading to the male reproductive organ malfunctions. Other forms of physical damage to the nerves or the spinal cord can also be what causes impotence in men. Damaging the nerves near the groin or around the penis itself can actually affect the man’s potency.

Treating these kinds of causes of erectile dysfunction in men can be relatively easy as long as your doctor does not find anything wrong with you. Surgery may be necessary in some cases of damaged nerves and arteries. In some of the less serious cases, it could be a matter of changing one’s lifestyle as well as adjusting it to a healthier diet, exercise program and other habits.

Psychological Factors

There are some psychological issues that may be what causes impotence in men. These issues include but are not limited to anxiety, guilt, depression, sexual orientation, fear and fatigue. These are some of the psychological factors of what causes impotence in men of all ages. What causes impotence in men can be something stronger than physical damages. Psychological issues are very strong factors that can affect erectile dysfunction or impotence. Anxiety and fear can be caused by the worry that your performance may not live up to your partner’s expectation while guilt may be what causes impotence in men who are cheating on their partners with another woman.

Depression may be caused by death of your partner or anybody else in the family or a bad break up. Other psychological factors that can be what causes impotence in men are sexual orientation and fatigue. Being gay may be a cause of impotence when a man contemplates having sex with a woman. Sexual preference may not only be due to gender but also how the partner looks like. Some men are picky with whom they sleep with thus this may be what causes impotence in men sometimes.

Knowing what causes impotence in men is essential to prevention and treatment. Some individuals may need a doctor or psychologist for treatment while others just need to face up to what causes impotence in men.