Preventing Impotence In Young Men

Impotence or erectile dysfunction can be daunting to have especially for young men who may be battling with their libido but at the same time confused by their member’s lack of response. Impotence in young men and so with older guys is something that has to be dealt with sensitivity and compassion. It may seem shallow to many people but many men really do view their virility along with the state of their penis.

Possible Causes Of Impotence In Young Men

There are several factors that can cause impotence in young men and these include, but are not limited to, stress, obesity, latent gayness and performance anxiety. Stress can come in many forms and is often associate with performance anxiety when it comes to young men who are about to have sex for the first time. Impotence in young men is seldom permanent and may be relatively easy to resolve. In most cases of impotence in young men, the contributing factor is mental instead of physical. Performance anxiety is another psychological cause of impotence in young men that usually occurs in adolescents who are nervous about having sex for the first time or having sex with someone who is forbidden to them.

Obesity can be one of the causes of impotence in young men because too much fat can factor in the process of getting an erection as well as the expansion of girth may affect the nerves and arteries near the groin or pelvis area. Damage to nerves and arteries as well as to the spinal cord can actually cause impotence in young men.

Latent gayness is something that one may not have discovered during adolescence but one can feel it. The feeling of being gay is something that may need some digestion and acceptance but one’s gay instincts may cause impotence in young men. Accepting that one is gay is something while acting against one’s gay feeling can turn out to be a failure when erectile dysfunction occurs. The brain may be willing to overcome one’s gayness in order to prove that one is not gay but the heart may not be feeling the same way, which is why some gay men have difficulty having sex with women.

Preventing impotence in young men may be as easy as being comfortable with the idea of sex and being relaxed about it. Impotence in young men is not difficult to overcome and individuals affected by this need to take heart and be resolute.