Preventing Impotence In Middle Aged Men

Impotence is best described as a condition wherein the person is confronted with some difficulty in achieving an erection and maintaining it. Impotence usually occurs in men although there are some talks about women also having this problem. Impotence in middle aged men does occur although this condition is supposedly prevalent in older men. There are certain conditions and diseases that trigger impotence in middle aged men and some of these diseases and conditions can be prevented. Learning what causes impotence in men is one way to start the prevention of impotence.

Prevention Is Better That A Cure

Preventing impotence in middle aged men or any other age is better than trying to treat it. In middle aged men, it may be possible to prevent it by leaving your sedentary lifestyle, quitting smoking and reducing alcohol consumption. Leading an exercise free life can ultimately lead to impotence in middle aged men and older men because this means you do not have enough exercise to burn your fat. Being overweight can affect a man’s potency with regards to the state of the penis.

Smoking also causes impotence in middle aged men as well as older men because it can damage arteries, nerves, tissues and muscles resulting to malfunction of these body parts. Smoking contains substances that can causes constriction of tissues and nerves. The resulting constriction can affect how muscles and tissues work thus resulting in impotence in middle aged men, older men and even younger men. Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol can also lead to impotence in middle aged men. Drinking alcohol may initially get the blood running thus increasing sexual desires but after more glasses of alcohol, the body tends to grow weak and unresponsive.

Other ways to prevent impotence in middle aged men is to eat a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables along with the right kind of food and to try and reduce stress in your life. Fruits and vegetables contain fiber and other elements that can help to cleanse the body and keep it running smoothly. Reducing stress can affect one’s state f mind for the better thus clearing you of issues that may contribute to impotence in middle aged men.

Some diseases and condition which cause impotence middle aged men may need to be resolved before you try to treat impotence. Many diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, multiple sclerosis can add to the factors of impotence in middle aged men. It is best to have yourself fully checked by licensed doctors to be bale to diagnose you well.