Enlarged Prostate Impotent: A Serious Condition

Did you know that prostate medication can cause impotence? This is not new information, but something that not all people are aware. All men, even if prostate cancer does not run in their family, should be aware of the enlarged prostate impotent condition and what it involves.

The Details

When it comes to the enlarged prostate impotent, you need to be aware that it is actually not the prostate cancer itself which results in impotency. Instead, it is the treatment methods that are so commonly used – medication, radiation, and so on – in order to rid of the body of the cancer, which often end up resulting in impotency.

What it is

Before you can really deal with enlarged prostate impotent, you need to better understand what impotency actually is and how common a condition it is. More than anything, men with a sexual dysfunction problem need to be aware that they are not alone. Right now there are already millions of men around the world who are already suffering from the condition.

Impotency is defined as being a condition in which the man is unable to either achieve or maintain an erection.


The next important step in dealing with enlarged prostate impotent is to determine which treatment is going to work best. Most physicians advise that treatments for impotence proceed along a path moving from least invasive to most invasive, and so basically this means cutting back on any harmful drugs that the person may be taking first.

The problem here is that often times for prostate cancer the man will be put on medication, which may result in impotence, but which they will not be able to stop taking, at least not until they no longer have cancer.

In this case the man would basically have no other options but to deal with the impotency, although if he really wanted to get rid of the enlarged prostate impotent, he could try talking to his doctor and seeing if there was any other type of medication that he could switch to.

Impotency is, without a doubt, one of the most difficult conditions for a man to deal with, but they should never feel ashamed or as though anything is their fault. Besides prostate cancer medications there are also many other reasons as to why a man may develop impotency, and so you should be aware of all these. For instance if you smoke or drink these may actually be the reasons for your impotency, and perhaps not the prostate cancer at all.